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 (hĭp′noid′) also hyp·noi·dal (hĭp-noid′l)
Of or resembling hypnosis or sleep.
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(ˈhɪpˌnɔɪd) or


(Psychology) of or relating to a state resembling sleep or hypnosis


(Botany) resembling a moss, specifically a moss of the genus Hypnum
[from New Latin hypnum, from Greek hupnon a type of lichen, + -oid]
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Adj.1.hypnoid - of or relating to a state of sleep or hypnosis
asleep - in a state of sleep; "were all asleep when the phone rang"; "fell asleep at the wheel"
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The cathartic method works on the patient who is brought to a hypnoid state to make him relive, also emotionally, the situation that has been determined to be the beginning of his illness.
The longer we have been occupied with these phenomena the more we have become convinced that the splitting of consciousness which is so striking in the well-known classical cases under the form of 'double conscience' is present to a rudimentary degree in every hysteria, and that a tendency to such a dissociation, and with it the emergence of abnormal states of consciousness (which we shall bring together under the term 'hypnoid'), is the basic phenomenon of this neurosis.
In my peculiar hypnoid state, they appeared exaggeratedly loud...