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 (hĭp′noid′) also hyp·noi·dal (hĭp-noid′l)
Of or resembling hypnosis or sleep.


(hɪpˈnɔɪd l)

also hyp′noid,

characterizing a state that resembles mild hypnosis but that is usu. induced by other than hypnotic means.
[1895–1900; hypn(osis) + -oid + -al1]


n. hipnoídico-a, rel. a una condición mental semi-inconsciente entre estar despierto y estar dormido.
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In order to facilitate better outcomes, it was decided that where possible, treatment procedures would be carried out with the client in a hypnoidal state.
It takes an almost machine-like chanting, for example, to stress all the words "and where death, if shed," but this stylized rendering accentuates the ecstatic, hypnoidal state of the speaker and shows that "death," which could potentially be the most stressed term in the sequence, is denied its normal prominence, denoting for these lovers nothing stressful or surprising.