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 (hĭp′noid′) also hyp·noi·dal (hĭp-noid′l)
Of or resembling hypnosis or sleep.
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(hɪpˈnɔɪd l)

also hyp′noid,

characterizing a state that resembles mild hypnosis but that is usu. induced by other than hypnotic means.
[1895–1900; hypn(osis) + -oid + -al1]
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n. hipnoídico-a, rel. a una condición mental semi-inconsciente entre estar despierto y estar dormido.
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Thus, once the hypnoidal period is established, which is a type of situation that simulates sleep.
Type Frequency (Hz) Normally Delta 0.5-4 Hz Hypnoidal Theta 4-7 Hz Slow wave sleep Alpha 8-12 Hz Stable wave Beta 12-30 Hz Action wave TABLE 2: Emotional state game module.
In order to facilitate better outcomes, it was decided that where possible, treatment procedures would be carried out with the client in a hypnoidal state.