hypnotic trance

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Noun1.hypnotic trance - a trance induced by the use of hypnosis; the person accepts the suggestions of the hypnotist
trance - a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep
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This process is also done with a light hypnotic trance. Once these processes are in effect, the client is able to distinguish what things may be a risk or danger and what things are just internalized thought with no purpose other than to keep the person safe due to an erroneous perception of danger or risk.
It is applied like balm to lull us into a hypnotic trance as the politicians continue to exploit our scarce resources for personal gain.
This ten minute rendition creates an almost hypnotic trance that engulfs listeners through its sheer magnetism.
17) Can you ever get 'stuck' in a hypnotic trance? No, this is another myth with hypnosis, even if someone was deep in hypnosis and the hypnotist dropped down dead after a while the volunteer would realise nothing was happening and just get bored and emerge from trance.
Raffai's BA protocol, which has similar elements to the hypnotic trance induced during hypnotherapy (though BA is not psychotherapy), is not a commonly accepted practice in American prenatal care, at least not yet.
And every time I would grimly scroll down and down, even if everything I was reading was completely dull, unable to stop until I had reached the end of the new stuff, as though in a hypnotic trance, or like it was my job.
Following "hypnosis," the executive self then disowns the behavior that is irreconcilable with the normal self-image and thus misattributes this as being due to the hypnotic trance (Spanos & Coe, 1992; Wagstaff & Cole, 2005).
Phantom Radio's electronica-tinged Harvest Home and an almost New Order-like Floor of the Ocean brought a hypnotic trance edge to the set.
Phantom Radio's electronica tinged Harvest Home and an almost New Order like Floor of the Ocean brought a hypnotic trance edge to the set.
I actually go into some strange hypnotic trance as I'm lured to accessory displays to admire gems and jewels reflecting off lights and mirrors.