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a. Of or relating to hypnosis.
b. Of or relating to hypnotism.
2. Inducing or tending to induce sleep; soporific: read the bedtime story in a hypnotic voice.
a. A person who is hypnotized.
b. A person who can be hypnotized.
2. An agent that causes sleep; a soporific.

[French hypnotique, from Late Latin hypnōticus, inducing sleep, from Greek hupnōtikos, from hupnoun, to put to sleep, from hupnos, sleep; see swep- in Indo-European roots.]

hyp·not′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.hypnotically - by means of hypnotism
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Here, Chronoswiss has artfully uncovered the seconds wheel, on which the funnel-shaped scale draws the gaze almost hypnotically. The day/night display and date are easy to set using the crown.
Feeling hypnotically drawn, Ann went into the attic, sat on a Turkish divan and was soon lost by the scent of joss sticks and heady sitar music.
Songs like "Money Grows on Trees" feature what is quickly becoming the trademark Sneaks singsongy-rap style, with barely-audible lines repeated hypnotically, like a mantra, growing with importance each time.
Unending Love, a setting of the Indian poet Tagore, is a glorious fusion of Indian ragas (here delivered by Milapfest and the evocative Carnatic singer Ashnaa Sasikran) and western choral tradition; the result is hypnotically magical.
All are hypnotically beautiful while often upsetting.
Dancer Fabiola Santana hypnotically embodies both Brkic and her grandmother while four vocalists--Olesya Zdorovetska, Eugenia Georgieva, Emma Bonnici and Victoria Couper--play Andelka's sisters.
Speno's nonfiction debut hypnotically weaves the history of the 1920s into a colorful quilt of perseverance and ambition.
At the centerpiece is the precious snake head, inspired by the 1960s-'70s Bulgari serpents that heralded this dangerous yet hypnotically beautiful element of the animal.
On the exhibition's opening night, two female models, wearing only gauzy body stockings that featured large cutouts and passages of wet paint in hues of pastel pink and mint, moved hypnotically around the gallery for three hours.
Says McGlynn, "People can hypnotically discover past life memories which will help them to better understand and accept their current life's challenges, relationships, and soul lessons." Accessing these deeply held memories leads to an adventure of endless exploration into one's innermost self.
The follow-up to 2013's The Shadow Of Heaven is a hypnotically stirring series of swampy dirges.
The illustration captures Alice's journey from our world into Wonderland, where she falls into the abstract, in an optical illusion which hypnotically pulls the reader into a strange new land.