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Noun1.hypocellularity - the state of having abnormally few cells
cellularity - the state of having cells
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Cerebrospinal fluid examination revealed raised total proteins with hypocellularity denoting characteristic albuminocytologic dissociation associated with GBS.
There were 26 cases in total and most cases (21 cases, 80.8%) remained truly unsatisfactory owing to a number of factors including hypocellularity (11 cases, 52.3%), inadequate nucleated squamous cells (8 cases, 38.1%), or excess obscuring organic material or lubricant (2 cases, 9.5%).
Bone marrow examination (BME) showed hypocellularity in the myeloid and megakaryocytic series.
(12), fewer number of megakaryocytes and hypocellularity, which imply reduced platelet production.
Photomicrograph of Hypoplastic Marrow Aspirate showing Hypocellularity with Increased Fat Spaces in a 20 years old male (Leishman Stain x100).
On the same day, we documented leukopenia, and a core bone marrow biopsy demonstrated hypocellularity for his age without blasts, dysplasia, or atypia.
In contrast none of the patients in the nonantimicrobial group had marrow hypocellularity (Table 1).
A bone marrow biopsy demonstrated severe hypocellularity (<5% cellularity) with atypical lymphoid infiltrate.
Percutaneous aspiration of cyst revealed clear yellowish fluid about 60 ml., and the cytological examination showed hypocellularity consisting of few small lymphocytes and foamy macrophages in background of few erythrocytes and concluded cystic fluid.
This possibility was further supported by the histological findings, which revealed hypocellularity at the center of tumor sections and intact cell morphology at the periphery (Figures 2(d)-2(f)).
Bone marrow examination showed fatty replacement and hypocellularity, a nucleic cell count of 7000/[micro]L, and no aberrant karyotype (Figure 2).
Bone marrow necrosis, hemorrhage and hypocellularity were the main findings in the bone marrow in the Group A as compared with Group B (Table-I, Fig.5).