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The surface position directly beneath the center of a nuclear explosion.

hy′po·cen′tral (-sĕn′trəl) adj.
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1. (Military) of or relating to a hypocentre
2. (Geological Science) of or relating to a hypocentre
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Is there evidence from the pattern of felt reports, surficial features, or credible hypocentral locations that is consistent with a relatively shallow depth and a possible causal relationship?
Atkinson, "Ground-motion prediction equation for small-to-moderate events at short hypocentral distances, with application to induced-seismicity hazards," Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, vol.
For example, for earthquake number 1 the nearest four stations are 1st station itself, 23rd station, 19th station, and 61th station, respectively (Figure 3), with corresponding hypocentral distances such as 15 km, 16.42 km, 17.29 km, and 17.91 km as shown in Figure 4.
Caption: Figure 9: (a) Hypocentral distribution of volcanic earthquakes at Sinabung volcano from 6 to 7 Sept.
We cannot exclude that the slow fluid flow occurring at hypocentral depth could have played an active role in carrying on the Emilia-Romagna seismic sequence, but given the small postseismic pore-pressure and CFF changes here obtained, we think that the triggering of the Mirandola fault is more due to coseismic pore-pressure and CFF changes than to fluid migration.
To create a model of a detailed slip distribution in the hypocentral zone, we combine precise event locations (Vavrycuk et al., 2013) with estimated accuracy better than 20 m (Bouchaala et al., 2013) and slip derived from source mechanisms determined for the set of selected events also by (Vavrycuk et al., 2013).
As criteria, we specify that the selected earthquakes should have magnitude greater than [M.sub.s] = 4.0 and hypocentral distances less than 150 km.
Lim, "Determining hypocentral parameters for local earthquakes in 1-D using a genetic algorithm," Geophysical Journal International, vol.
Only 37 of the remaining 56 earthquakes, with a maximum magnitude of 4.2, had the hypocentral depth.
(2011) (20) reported that the hypocentral region of this EQ is extended from offshore Iwate prefecture to offshore Ibaraki prefecture, with a length of 500 km and a width of 200 km.
2006, proposed a method for determining hypocentral parameters for local earthquakes in 1-D using Genetic Algorithms and twopoint ray tracing, which calculates seismic ray trajectories that cross a known velocity structure.