hypochromic anaemia

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Noun1.hypochromic anaemia - anemia characterized by a decrease in the concentration of corpuscular hemoglobin
anemia, anaemia - a deficiency of red blood cells
Mediterranean anaemia, Mediterranean anemia, thalassaemia, thalassemia - an inherited form of anemia caused by faulty synthesis of hemoglobin
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[18] 8(11.94%) patients had microcytic hypochromic anaemia, 1 (1.49%) had macrocytic anaemia and there were 2 cases of sickle cell anaemia.
His investigations showed microcytic hypochromic anaemia with haemoglobin 8.1 g/dl, white blood cell count 12.8 x109/l (62% polymorphs, 34% lymphocytes), platelets 546 x109/l, ESR 110 mm at the end of 1st hour, and C-reactive protein 33 mg/l.
Hematologic findings indicated that all dogs had microcytic hypochromic anaemia. This may be a consequence of iron deficiency caused by chronic blood loss.
The FBC with a smear revealed hypochromic anaemia (Hb 7.1 g/dL) with marked anisocytosis and moderate sickle cells.
Iron deficiency causes a microcytic and/or hypochromic anaemia. Serum iron studies show low serum ferritin and raised transferrin (TF) levels, and low TF percentage saturation.
The study population comprised microcytic hypochromic anaemia patients referred for Hb electrophoresis to the GMC pathology lab.
His full blood count showed microcytic hypochromic anaemia with a mean corpuscular volume of 77.2 fL (normal reference range, 80-100 fL) and thrombocytosis with platelets of 546 per microliter (reference range, 130-400 per microliter).
The type of anaemia observed in this study was microcytic hypochromic anaemia, associated with iron deficiency.
These included all cases of microcytic hypochromic anaemia (MCV < 80 fl, MCH < 27 [micro]g, and RBC count > 5million/[micro]l) not responding to conventional treatment, clinically suspected cases of hemoglobinopathy, antenatal, and other cases coming to the department for thalassemia screening.
IDA is classically defined as microcytic hypochromic anaemia, but ACD can be difficult to diagnose, often considered a diagnosis of exclusion.
Mycoplasma pneumonia produce hydrogen peroxide which is thought to be responsible for much of the initial cell disruption in respiratory tract and for damage of erythrocyte membrane and that probably explain the normocytic hypochromic anaemia. [1]