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 (hī′pō-ĭs-thē′zhə) also hy·pes·the·sia (hī′pĭs-)
Partial loss of sensation; diminished sensibility.
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Noun1.hypoesthesia - impairment of tactile sensitivity; decrease of sensitivity
disability, disablement, handicap, impairment - the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness; "reading disability"; "hearing impairment"
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The most common complications seen in these studies were post-void dribbling (PVD) in 15-32%, superficial skin necrosis in 17-21%, skin loss (6%) and penile hypoesthesia in (11%).
No remarkable finding was detected on physical and neurological examination except mild hypoesthesia on both lower limbs.
Percutaneous injections may cause pain, oedema, erythema, ecchymosis, headache and hypoesthesia.
The most common side effects were disassociation, dizziness, nausea, sedation, vertigo, hypoesthesia, anxiety, lethargy, increased blood pressure, vomiting, and feeling inebriated.
It was detected a rate of 2/5 dorsal flexion weakness in the right big toe and hypoesthesia on peroneal area of the right foot in the patient's control after treatment in the second months.
The neurological examination revealed: left hemiparesis, diminished osteotendinous reflexes in left upper limb and slightly exaggerated in the left lower limb, hypoesthesia on left side of body accompanied by mild paresthesia involving the left side of her face and her left arm and leg, gait disturbances.
The patient, who had hypoesthesia in the right L2-L5 dermatome, could not walk without support.
A 62-year-old male was admitted to the emergency department due to complain of sudden onset of weakness, pain, and hypoesthesia in the right leg.