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adj. Chemistry
Having the minor component present in a smaller amount than in the eutectic composition of the same components.


(ˌhaɪpəʊjuːˈtɛktɪk) or


(Chemistry) (of a mixture or alloy with two components) containing less of the minor component than a eutectic mixture. Compare hypereutectic
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During the solidification of hypoeutectic gray cast iron, two main events can be differentiated, the precipitation of the primary phase and the eutectic phase.
4 ppm P for hypoeutectic alloys, which is just within or below the commercial purity range of regular Al-Si cast alloys.
Melting layer has a very high hardness, the hardness can be above Hv1000, with the laser scanning speed increased and increased with metamorphosis hypoeutectic white structure's refinement [77].
This alloy relates to hypoeutectic ones and consists of lamellae of [alpha]-phase, which occurred inside primary [beta]-grain.
The device fabrication process consists of a mesa recess etch for isolation, hypoeutectic NiGeAu ohmic contacts and a 0.
Physical Characterization of the Permeability of Equiaxed Eutectic Structures in Hypoeutectic Aluminum Alloys (E.
This paper evaluates the dimensional stability (diameter, roundness and cylindricity) and surface roughness of reamed cylindrical holes using K10 cemented carbide welded blade reamers on aluminum-silicon hypoeutectic (SAE 322) cast alloy at various cutting conditions in order to optimize the cutting process.
It was realized that, to have the thixoforming process of these hypoeutectic alloys correctly applied, it is necessary to achieve a temperature where AlFCC coexists with the liquid rich-silicon; nevertheless, the semisolid behaviour will depend on the remaining solid's morphology and shape.
Hypoeutectic cast Al-Si alloys are highly susceptible to occurrence of the sharp edges of the coarse acicular silicon phase that promote crack initiation, and propagation in alloys and also the porosity formation