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adj. Chemistry
Having the minor component present in a smaller amount than in the eutectic composition of the same components.
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(ˌhaɪpəʊjuːˈtɛktɪk) or


(Chemistry) (of a mixture or alloy with two components) containing less of the minor component than a eutectic mixture. Compare hypereutectic
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In hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys containing iron, magnesium and manganese, three iron phases are predominant: [alpha]-A115(FeMn)3Si2, [beta]-A15FeSi and [pi]-A18FeMg3Si6.
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During the solidification of hypoeutectic gray cast iron, two main events can be differentiated, the precipitation of the primary phase and the eutectic phase.
The heating temperature of HAZ is between hypoeutectic and eutectoid temperature, and the microstructure only has solid-state phase transition during the repairing process.
Hypoeutectic A356 aluminum silicon alloy was used as the experimental alloy, whose chemical compositions are shown in Table 1.
The hypoeutectic structure of this CoCr29W9C1.8 material solidified from a melt of Co-Cr-W matrix in a dendritic structure (Fig.
Melting layer has a very high hardness, the hardness can be above Hv1000, with the laser scanning speed increased and increased with metamorphosis hypoeutectic white structure's refinement [77].
This alloy relates to hypoeutectic ones and consists of lamellae of [alpha]-phase, which occurred inside primary [beta]-grain.