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Serious coronary atherosclerosis is always accompanied with heart hypofunction in clinical CAD patients.
NMDA receptor hypofunction is believed to contribute to the pathophysiology of schizophrenia and enhancement of D-serine levels is believed to benefit individuals with schizophrenia.
Evidence supports the notion that stress and emotional distress may relate to dysfunction and hypofunction in animals' immune systems (Solomon et al.
On the other hand, there is an impressive body of evidence that, unlike the hypofunction of NMDA receptors in schizophrenia, there appears to be increased activity of NMDA receptors in both unipolar and bipolar depression.
Uncompensated unilateral vestibular hypofunction may derive from Meniere's disease, viral and vascular etiologies, neuroma operation and neuritis.
Conclusion: It does not seem that o-VEMP and v-HIT tests can replace the caloric test to detect vestibular hypofunction.
Xerostomia and salivary hypofunction in vulnerable elders: prevalence and etiology.
The enteroinsular axis and endocrine pancreatic function in chronic alcohol consumers: Evidence for early beta-cell hypofunction.
Nevertheless, many patients have a dry mouth sensation with normal salivary flow rates; therefore, xerostomia does not necessary reflect salivary gland hypofunction.
Clinical manifestations of zinc deficiency include growth retardation, testicular hypofunction, immune dysfunction, increased oxidative stress and increased generation of inflammatory cytokines (11).
Salivary gland hypofunction may be correlated with various systemic disorders, medications, as well as the number of medications (3,11,27,28).
16] The study carried out in rural Bangladesh revealed that arthritis was the most common chronic health condition followed by hypertension, impaired vision, thyroid hypofunction, obstructive pulmonary symptoms, etc.