hypogastric artery

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Noun1.hypogastric artery - the inner branch of the common iliac artery on either side of the body; divides into several branches that supply blood to the pelvic and gluteal areas
arteria iliaca, iliac artery - one of the large arteries supplying blood to the pelvis and legs
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However, if these manoeuvres fail, a number of surgical techniques, such as uterine artery ligation, hypogastric artery ligation and uterine compression sutures have been described.
Although bilateral hypogastric artery ligation was planned, it could not be performed because of active bleeding.
The hysterectomy group comprised patients who underwent hysterectomy directly or following B-Lynch suture or hypogastric artery ligation.
Additionally, a left pelvic lymph node dissection was performed, with limits from the genitofemoral nerve laterally, to the hypogastric artery medially, to the obturator fossa posteriorly, and the node of cloquet inferiorly and proximally to include para-aortic tissue up to the level of the lower pole of the left kidney.
Bilateral uterine or hypogastric artery ligation associated with D and C.
Hypogastric artery ligation for post-partum hemorrhage.