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 (hī′pə-jē′əl) also hy·po·ge·an (-ən) or hy·po·ge·ous (-əs)
1. Living or occurring under the earth's surface.
2. Botany Of or relating to seed germination in which the cotyledons remain below the surface of the ground.

[From Latin hypogēus, from Greek hupogeios : hupo-, hypo- + , earth.]

hy′po·ge′al·ly adv.








1. (Biology) occurring or living below the surface of the ground
2. (Botany) botany of or relating to seed germination in which the cotyledons remain below the ground, because of the growth of the epicotyl
[C19: from Latin hypogēus, from Greek hupogeios, from hypo- + earth]


(ˌhaɪ pəˈdʒi əl)

also hy`po•ge′an, hy`po•ge′ous,

existing or growing underground.
[1680–90; < Latin hypogē(us) (< Greek hypógeios underground =hypo- hypo- + -geios, adj. derivative of earth)]
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Located or operating beneath the earth's surface:
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Professor Giudice has challenged the hypothesis that the quarter was a military camp -- the site is widely referred to as Garrison's Camp -- arguing, based on many years of excavation and study, that it was actually an area of great hypogeal pagan sanctuaries, the scene of a great struggle between paganism and an upstart Christian religion.
The best known of them is the Alcaide necropolis, where 21 hypogeal structures excavated in the Miocene sandstone are currently known, to which two smaller pits can be added.
groundnut Arachis hypogeal, guar Cyamopsis tetragonolaba, field bindweed Convolvulus arvensis, and puncture vine Tribulus terrestris.
However, since Arachis presents hypogeal fruits, soil sandy texture is more appropriate for the management, although it affects the strains efficiency due to low fertility and water retention (Bolonhezi et al.
The avocado seeds showed hypogeal germination, agreeing with Oliveira et al.
rubra may develop in the hypogeal component of the ecosystem because it has higher and more constant salinities.
Away from streams, intact forests provide greater canopy cover and cooler temperatures (relative to regeneration and diameter-limit harvests) that positively influence the abundance of amphibians, invertebrates, and hypogeal fungi within leaf litter, all of which account for significant proportions of raccoons' diet (Gehrt, 2003).
2013): New Hypogeal Tomb with a "phoenician" anthropoid sarcophagi on Tartus, Syrian Coast.
leyboldii was cryptocotylar and hypogeal, and the embryo had opposite cataphylls.
Studies on the chemical constituents of hypogeal part from Limonium bicolor.