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 (hī′pə-jē′əl) also hy·po·ge·an (-ən) or hy·po·ge·ous (-əs)
1. Living or occurring under the earth's surface.
2. Botany Of or relating to seed germination in which the cotyledons remain below the surface of the ground.

[From Latin hypogēus, from Greek hupogeios : hupo-, hypo- + , earth.]

hy′po·ge′al·ly adv.




being, living or growing underground or below the earth's surface
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Located or operating beneath the earth's surface:
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Behavioural, ventilatory and respiratory responses of epigean and hypogean crustaceans to different temperatures.
Fifteen species have been described in Brazil that have occurrence in hypogean habitat (10 CR, 2 EN, and 3 VU), with 13 endangered species (Brasil 2015).
Long-term fasting and realimentation in hypogean and epigean isopods: a proposed adaptive strategy for groundwater organisms.
It's a wonderful hypogean life: A guide to the troglomorphic fishes of the world.
Caves are one of the subterranean habitats (among others like interstitial, hyporheic, mesovoid shallow substratum/milieu souterrain superficial--MSS, and a recent hypogean habitat, named alluvial mesovoid shallow substratum) (JUBERTHIE; DECU, 1994; ORTUNO et al.
Trichomycterus uisae: a new species of hypogean catfish (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the northeastern Andean Cordillera of Colombia.
These populations were also attracted by the hypogean or underground spaces of the island, such as Cueva de Gena, at which pottery and stone tools were recovered.
However, recent studies provided evidence that olfaction plays a fundamental role in the avian ecology, especially in hypogean petrels.