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 (hī′pə-jē′əl) also hy·po·ge·an (-ən) or hy·po·ge·ous (-əs)
1. Living or occurring under the earth's surface.
2. Botany Of or relating to seed germination in which the cotyledons remain below the surface of the ground.

[From Latin hypogēus, from Greek hupogeios : hupo-, hypo- + , earth.]

hy′po·ge′al·ly adv.
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Located or operating beneath the earth's surface:
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Cromack K Jr, Sollins P, Graustein WC, Speidel K, Todd AW, Spycher G, Li CY, Todd RL (1979) Calcium oxalate accumulation and soil weathering in mats of the hypogeous fungus Hysterangium crassum.
Thus, there should be tangible long-term consequences due to volcanic ash on the surviving biota after ash fall out, especially in cases where adults of a species are epigeous and larvae hypogeous, showing vulnerability to ash during both phases of the insect life cycle.
We also fixed 3 microscope slides from a random sample of 45 scats to identify the presence of hypogeous fungi.
In fact, about 83-85 taxa of hypogeous and semi-hypogeous fungi, including 29Tuber entities were discovered in its territory in the last 14 years (Rana et al., 2008, 2012, 2015 and unpublished data).
Background and Aims: Delastria rosea is a hypogeous fungus characterized by its rose gleba and globose ascospores with reticulated ornamentation.
Fungi or also known as "mushroom" is defined as "macrofungus" with a distinctive fruiting body, it can be hypogeous or epigeous, large enough to be seen by the naked eye and usually pick up by hands.
Desert truffles include several valuable hypogeous macrofungus species; few scientists have been interested in discovering and studying new desert truffles species, especially the genus Picoa spp.
6).Basidioma scattered on soil at first hypogeous and ovate attached with a basal mycelium to the substratum expanded on maturity and superficial up to 4 cm across Exoperidium splitting from middle to the tip into 10 nonhygroscopic rays with acute apices up to 2 cm in lengthbending downward upper surface pinkish tan to pale yellowish to camel brown occasionally cracking.
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