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Noun1.hypoglycemic agent - any of various agents that decrease the level of glucose in the blood and are used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Orinase, tolbutamide - sulfonylurea; an oral antidiabetic drug (trade name Orinase) used in the treatment of adult-onset diabetes mellitus
insulin - hormone secreted by the isles of Langerhans in the pancreas; regulates storage of glycogen in the liver and accelerates oxidation of sugar in cells
agent - a substance that exerts some force or effect
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This primary composite endpoint was reached by 10.5% of the 4,687 patients treated with the hypoglycemic agent versus 12.1% of the 2,333 patients given a placebo, with a hazard ratio of 0.86 and 95% confidence interval of 0.74 to 0.99 (P =0.04 for superiority and P less than .001 for noninferiority).
Olive leaf extract as a hypoglycemic agent in both human diabetic subjects and in rats.
* This one takes the cake: 6 antipsychotics (2 typicals and 4 atypicals), plus an anticholinergic, 3 mood stabilizers, 2 antidepressants, 2 sleeping pills, a hypoglycemic agent, 2 antihypertensives, and a statin.
The meta-analysis by Dhulkotia and colleagues compares "any" oral hypoglycemic agent (glyburide or metformin) with insulin and concludes that there is no difference between the two types of treatment.
All subjects were taking metformin and another oral hypoglycemic agent, had achieved hemoglobin [A.sub.1c] levels of 8% or lower, had a score of 27 or above on the Mini-Mental State Examination, and had no current symptoms of depression.
In general, the hypoglycemic effect of metformin will only be seen in diabetics unless one simultaneously ingests another hypoglycemic agent or if he has co-existing severe hepatic insufficiency as seen in this case.
(b) Oral hypoglycemic agent. TABLE 2: Mean daily dose of oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin at baseline.
In about two-thirds of those hospitalizations, the drug or drug class responsible for the event was warfarin, an antiplatelet agent, insulin, or an oral hypoglycemic agent, and the adverse reaction was either bleeding or hypoglycemia.2
The blood glucose lowering effect of the [H.sub.2]O extract at a 100 mg/kg dose was stronger than the mixture of tolbutamide (200 mg/kg), a known sulfonylurea hypoglycemic agent, and buformin (1 mg/kg), which was used as a positive control, and lowered the blood glucose level by 24.0%.
Four hundred forty-seven overweight or obese patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes (HbA1c [greater than or equal to] 7.0%) were randomly assigned to receive, in double-blind fashion, 600 [mu]g per day of chromium (as chromium picolinate) plus 2 mg per day of biotin or placebo for 90 days, along with their usual oral hypoglycemic agent. The mean HbA1c level fell by 0.54% in the active-treatment group and by 0.34% in the placebo group (p = 0.03 for the difference in the change between groups).
Chlorpropamide, used as the standard hypoglycemic agent in this study, is a member of the 'first-generation' sulphonylureas.
One-quarter of patients were treated by diet alone, 12% with an oral hypoglycemic agent alone, and 37% with an oral hypoglycemic agent plus insulin.