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 (hī′pō-gō′năd-ĭz′əm, -gŏn′ə-dĭz′əm)
Inadequate functioning of the testes or ovaries as manifested by deficiencies in gametogenesis or the secretion of gonadal hormones.
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(ˌhaɪ pəˈgoʊ næˌdɪz əm, -ˈgɒn æ-)

n. Pathol.
1. diminished hormonal or reproductive functioning in the testes or the ovaries.
2. a manifestation of this, as delayed pubescence.
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Noun1.hypogonadism - incompetence of the gonads (especially in the male with low testosterone); results in deficient development of secondary sex characteristics and (in prepubertal males) a body with long legs and a short trunk
eunuchoidism, male hypogonadism - the state of being a eunuch (either because of lacking testicles or because they failed to develop)
Kallman's syndrome - hypogonadism with anosmia; a congenital sexual disorder that prevents the testicles from maturing at puberty
incompetence - inability of a part or organ to function properly
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Men with prediabetes and low testosterone (hypogonadism) may reduce their risk of progression to type 2 diabetes with the help of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), according to recent research.
5 Azoospermia is mainly classified into three main categories; pretesticular, testicular and hypogonadism. Pretesticular type in which mainly pituitary and hypothalamus is involved.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 28, 2019-The US FDA grants approval for new oral testosterone capsule for treating certain forms of hypogonadism in men
Global Banking News-March 28, 2019-The US FDA grants approval for new oral testosterone capsule for treating certain forms of hypogonadism in men
M2 PHARMA-March 28, 2019-The US FDA grants approval for new oral testosterone capsule for treating certain forms of hypogonadism in men
They address the challenges of transitioning from pediatric to adult care, psychological issues, and specific illnesses: congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Turner syndrome, growth hormone deficiency, hypothalamic obesity, diabetes, congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, thyroid diseases, hypogonadism in girls, and fertility preservation in girls with endocrine disorders and males with Klinefelter syndrome.
Summary: New Delhi [India] July 22(ANI): Androgen deficiency in males has twice the chances of developing a condition known as hypogonadism than in females.
Guidelines issued jointly by the Endocrine Society and the European Society for Endocrinology provide clinicians with a clear consensus approach to male hypogonadism, commonly referred to by patients as "low T." Hypogonadism results from "the failure of the testes to produce physiological concentrations of testosterone and/or a normal number of spermatozoa due to pathology at one or more levels of the hypothalamicpituitary-testicular axis," according to the definition that serves as the basis for the guidelines.
The researchers found that the risk of having hypogonadism was increased 12-fold for men with low sperm count (<39 million/ejaculate) (odds ratio, 12.2), with the highest risk for men with total sperm count <10 million, genetic causes, history of cryptorchidism, and idiopathic forms.
Results: Out of 151 patients of XY DSD, 68 (45%) patients were diagnosed as partial androgen insensitivity syndrome (PIAS), 18 (12%) as isolated micropenis, 25 (16.6%) as partial gonadal dysgenesis, 12 (7.9%) as hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, 11 (7.2%) as primary hypogonadism, 13 (8.6%) as complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) and 4 (2.6%) as 5[alpha] reductase deficiency.
The diagnosis of low testosterone, or hypogonadism, requires two components: 1) symptoms consistent with low testosterone, and 2) early morning blood tests with clearly low testosterone levels.