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n. hipoprotrombinemia, deficiencia en la cantidad de protrombina en la sangre.
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Control of ovulation -induced hemoperitineum by oral contraceptives in a patient with congenital hypoprothrombinemia and in another with congenital factor V deficiency.
Exclusion criteria were as follows: (1) Preoperative AFS score was <9; (2) prior menstrual cycle was irregular and sex hormone was abnormal, or patients had endocrine factors that caused amenorrhea, menstrual reduction, and infertility; (3) patients had no fertility requirement; (4) patients had male factor infertility; (5) patients had contradictions to estrogen and aspirin such as cancers (breast cancer and endometrial cancer), thrombotic diseases, allergy to antipyretic analgesics, severe liver injury, hypoprothrombinemia, vitamin K deficiency, hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, and gastric or duodenal ulcer and asthma.
Warfarin-cranberry juice interaction resulting in profound hypoprothrombinemia and bleeding.
Associated risk factors for adrenal hemorrhage include birth trauma owing to difficult labor or delivery, asphyxia, septicemia, hemorrhagic disorders and hypoprothrombinemia. (1)
Lupus anticoagulants cause a prolongation of the aPTT, probably as a result of hypoprothrombinemia induced by antiprothrombin antibodies.
Bleeding is quite uncommon and, when present, is usually secondary to significant thrombocytopenia, dysfunctional platelets, hypoprothrombinemia, or an underlying disease.
Ceftriaxone is not commonly used because of potential of displacement of bilirubin from albumin and can cause hypoprothrombinemia and bleeding.
Salicylate-induced hypoprothrombinemia. A report of four cases.