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tr.v. hy·pos·ta·tized, hy·pos·ta·tiz·ing, hy·pos·ta·tiz·es
To ascribe material existence to.

[From Greek hupostatos, placed under, substantial, from huphistasthai, to stand under, exist : hupo, beneath; see hypo- + histasthai, middle voice of histanai, to set, place; see epistasis.]

hy·pos′ta·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.hypostatization - regarding something abstract as a material thing
objectification - the act of representing an abstraction as a physical thing
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In the chapter "The End of Identity Politics and the Beginning of Dismodernism," Lennard Davis advocates a recognition of our own inclusion in a generally shared state of dismodernism, in which "the ideal is not a hypostatization of the normal (that is, dominant) subject, but aims to create a new category based on the partial, incomplete subject whose realization is not autonomy and independence but dependency and interdependence....
In looking for climate change in different textual places as well as times, we evoked and echoed recent critical calls to be wary of the emergence of a canon of climate change fiction--as a distinct and delimited genre--and to resist its hypostatization (Bracke; Kerridge).
John Dennison, for instance, has said that "the poet or artist's endeavors are shaped by and pitched against a simple, wholly negative hypostatization of 'history.'" (21) But the individual images of cape, torero, and bull keep slipping away from the allegory in which they are encased.
This idea has been subject to a barrage of criticisms intended to show that it relies on implausible theories of agency, such as the hypostatization of a mystical collective agent.
The article puts forward the notion of a comprehensive interality index but cautions against its hypostatization. The project has been called forth by the collective angst toward the overdevelopment and wholesale makeover of urban China during the past two or three decades.
Although we have a visual experience of the dog, and of the mat, and of the spatial relation between the dog and the mat, some have argued that the fact of the dog being on the mat cannot be a mere posit, an hypostatization based upon and derived from those other more fundamental experiences.
Unlike Phelan and Rabinowitz, who are steadfast supporters of the implied author, Herman advances a two-part argument against models based on this concept: The first part of the argument is that "the idea of the implied author arises from efforts to accommodate an anti-intentionalist position," and the second part of the argument is that "the talk of implied authors entails a reification or hypostatization of what is better characterized as a stage in an inferential process" (50).
Schmid (2008:20,29) also acknowledges that 'dummy compounds' a) do not trigger any hypostatization, i.e.
What he calls "displacement" thus corresponds to a freedom to travel through the (displaced) world unimpeded, but this is quite different from mastery, and the pleasure it affords is the pleasure of giving up agency (rather than its hyperbolization or hypostatization in the form of the subject).