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Having a roof or ceiling supported by rows of columns.
A building with a roof or ceiling supported by rows of columns.

[From Greek hupostūlos, resting upon pillars : hupo-, hypo- + stūlos, pillar; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


(Architecture) having a roof supported by columns
(Architecture) a building constructed in this way


(ˈhaɪ pəˌstaɪl)
1. having a roof or ceiling supported by many columns.
2. a hypostyle structure.
[1825–35; < Greek hypóstȳlos resting on pillars =hypo- hypo- + -stȳlos -style2]


A thickly pillared hall, especially in ancient Egypt, in which the roof rests directly on the columns.
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Its layout is perfectly symmetrical along the main axis with twin entrances and two connected hypostyle halls with reliefs of two gods on either side of columns.
as well as those at Abu Simbel, and, of course, at Karnak, where one finds the incredible Hypostyle Hall among other archaeological amazements.
Contract notice: Management And Coordination Of Safety And Health Of The Various Works Of Improvement In The Park GEll: Source Of The Mackerel, Conditioning Of The Cistern, External Restoration Of The Bank, Restoration Of The Viaduct Of The Low, Reinforcement Of Guardrails And Banks And Repair Of The Ceiling Of The Hypostyle Room.
Il ne semble pas disproportionne de tabler sur une hauteur a partir du sol d'au moins douze metres, soit autour de 2,5 fois la largeur du portique peripherique de la salle hypostyle (119).
The structure of Urartu building was made of beams and columns with marquee beds; buildings had rectangular plans and hypostyle halls were the specifications of this architecture.
Inside the temple, a mesmerising stone forest of 134 Hypostyle columns, their surfaces inscribed in swathes of ancient hieroglyphics, claw at a powder blue sky.
The sanctuary, the rooms surrounding it, and the inner hypostyle hall fronting the sanctuary were the first to be built, under King Ptolemy XII in the middle of the first century B.
La construction du temple d'Hathor fut entreprise sous le regne de Ptolemee IX et terminee sous Neron avec l'achevement de la decoration de la grande salle hypostyle.
But it has not lost its sense of history: within the mosque is a hypostyle prayer hall, in which the roof is supported by columns, a vast courtyard paved with white marble, and a square minaret that has since served as the prototype for all the minarets of the western Islamic world, including North Africa and Andalusia.
Mesostyle Crwn hght, Mesostyle Crown Height; L x W, Length times Width; L / W, Length divided by Width; Protoloph-Metaloph conn, Protoloph-Metaloph connected; Pli cab, Pli-caballin; Pli prtlph, Pli-protoloph; Pli prf, Pli-prefossette; Pli psf, Pli-postfossette; Pli hyst, Pli- hypostyle.
As in the case with many mosques, the prayer hall was constructed in the hypostyle form, where the roof is held up by a multitude of columns.
The conversion from the magazine to a prayer hall cannot have been solely due to the holy presence of the martyrs but also to the ongoing myth of the earlier mosque within the Leaded Magazine, where the architectural peculiarities of the site--that is the undercroft--should have been essential in the reappraisal: The hypostyle order of the piers and groin vaults is analogical, in very abstract terms, to the early Islamic mosque typology proper.