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n. hipotelorismo, dismunición anormal de la distancia entre dos órganos o partes.
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The mother was referred due to the ultrasonographic finding of holoprosencephaly, single-nostril, thalamic fusion, hypotelorism, absence of nasal bone, and bilateral echogenic kidneys.
In order to have accurate assessment of telecanthus, hyper or hypotelorism we need to know standard values of IPD, ICD and OCD.
The detailed scan showed a female fetus with moderate ventriculomegaly, absence of the cavum septum pellucidum, a dilated third ventricle (Figure 1), echogenic lenses (Figure 2), retrognathia (inferior mandibular angle <50[degrees]), hypotelorism (binocular distance at 5th percentile and inter-ocular distance at 50th percentile), and microphthalmia (ocular diameter <5th percentile) (Figure 2).
A postmortem dysmorphological examination of the infant resulted in the discovery of brachycephaly, narrow forehead, hypotelorism, deeply set eyes, microphthalmia, flattened nasal bridge with one nostril, posteriorly rotated ears, camptodactyly, and bilateral single palmar crease (Figures 1 and 2).
Ophthalmological examination revealed hypotelorism, microphthalmia, and microcornea.
The remaining but less frequently en countered anomalies were clubfoot deformity, cyclopia, edema, flattened nose, hypotelorism, proboscis, sandal gap, and single uterine artery.
Clinical examination at 21 months of age noted some dysmorphic features such as hypertrichosis, low anterior hairline, hypotelorism, downslanted palpebral fissures, epicanthus, anomalous teeth implantation, micrognathia, and dysmorphic, rotated, and low-set ears.
One foetus with encephalocele also had Polycystic kidneys, Polydactyly, Hypotelorism and narrow thorax as a part of Meckel-Gruber Syndrome.
[9] Apart from structural anomalies, other indicators of Trisomy 13 include intrauterine growth restriction, echogenic cardiac foci, hypotelorism and poly- or oligohydramnios.