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Still, we can hypothesize, even if we cannot prove and establish.
They also hypothesize that children will benefit most from exposure to math content that advances beyond their school entry skills.
CONCLUSIONS: We doubt ribose impaired, and hypothesize dextrose enhanced, rowing performance.
1) These authors hypothesize that the location of these primary tumors predisposes these patients to concentric scar formation.
The authors hypothesize that interactive multimedia learning systems would significantly improve users' attitudes, thus enhancing their learning achievement.
Some observers hypothesize that she had been indoctrinated to believe the malicious stereotype of the Ursidae as awkward, clumsy, ill-mannered brutes.
Combined with susceptible migrating birds and highly concentrated human populations, the finding of hybrids in the United States led the authors to hypothesize that hybrid Cx.
In our case, we hypothesize that the inner cortical portion of the pterygoid process was less ossified than normal.
They hypothesize that an adaptation to a high protein and/or methionine intake induces a more efficient homocysteine metabolism, thereby maintaining a normalized concentration of the substance in the plasma.