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Noun1.hypovolaemia - a blood disorder consisting of a decrease in the volume of circulating blood
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
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HES solutions for infusion are used for the management of hypovolaemia (low blood volume) caused by acute blood loss, where treatment with alternative infusion solutions known as crystalloids alone is not considered to be sufficient.
Awareness is more frequent with major traumas that are followed by hypovolaemia and hypotension, cardiac surgeries, Caesarean-sections, interventions that are carried out at night.
Palpitations usually occur as a simple physiological response to factors like anxiety, fever, anaemia, hypovolaemia, hypoglycaemia, orthostatic hypotension or vasovagal syncope.
Subsequent myoglobin deposition in the kidneys, combined with hypovolaemia from fluid sequestration into the damaged soft tissues and renal tubular cast formation, can result in acute kidney injury (AKI).
3] Fluid boluses are not recommended in these patients, unless there is hypovolaemia, as it may increase cerebral oedema.
18) Subgaleal haematomas were present in 51% of children in this series and they are of particular significance in infants as accumulation of blood in the subgaleal space can result in hypovolaemia and anaemia, because of an infant's small total blood volume.
We postulate that the MCA PSV was not raised because of the combination of hypoxia due to placental insufficiency and possibly episodes of hypovolaemia, superimposed on the effects of (sub)acute anaemia due to fetal blood loss.
In spite of the massive blood loss, initial hypovolaemia and hypotension, she had no progressive renal injury, with renal function recovering within 6 days.
During this exploration, ECG revealed a broad complex tachycardia with no palpable pulse confirming cardiac arrest likely secondary to hypovolaemia and/or hyperkalaemia.
Poor leg perfusion (due to hypovolaemia, hypothermia and vasoconstrictive medications)