hypovolemic shock

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Noun1.hypovolemic shock - shock caused by severe blood or fluid loss
shock - (pathology) bodily collapse or near collapse caused by inadequate oxygen delivery to the cells; characterized by reduced cardiac output and rapid heartbeat and circulatory insufficiency and pallor; "loss of blood is an important cause of shock"
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3] Typical presenting symptoms of this condition are acute or subacute abdominal pain, followed by hypovolemic shock and fetal distress.
8 years old) was placed in the intensive care unit with the "severe brain contusion, epidural hematoma, hypovolemic shock," doctors say.
We have used abdominal binder as an anti-shock device to reverse shock and decrease bleeding among women with moderate and severe obstetric haemorrhage and hypovolemic shock due to uterine atony.
However, massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding with rapidly progressing hypovolemic shock occurred on the 18th day of the drainage.
1] Conservative methods such as communitybased use of misoprostol, oxytocin in the prefilled autodisable drug delivery systems, condom catheter balloon and non-inflatable anti-shock garments for the management of hypovolemic shock have all been advocated to effectively manage obstetric haemorrhage in low resource settings.
Ayesha Mae, who was admitted to the VSMMC a day before Ghirvaughn was brought there, was diagnosed as having "pneumonia, very severe and hypovolemic shock AGE (acute gastroentritis) with severe dehydration.
4) The feared complication of CAH is adrenal crisis; a life threatening reaction to low cortisol characterized by hypoglycemia, hyponatremia and hypovolemic shock.
Hypovolemic shock further impaired the thermoregulatory function of the hypothalamus.
The bleeding abated, but the patient went into hypovolemic shock.
Previously warmed ES was transfused before the procedure to prevent the development of hypovolemic shock.
Aguirre said cause of death was dehydration, hypovolemic shock and diabetes type 2.
The fluid therapy should improve the clinical signs of a hypovolemic shock, this is how this diagnosis is done using the FALLS-protocol.