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The measurement of elevation relative to sea level.

hyp′so·met′ric (hĭp′sə-mĕt′rĭk), hyp′so·met′ri·cal adj.
hyp′so·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
hyp·som′e·trist n.
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Observations of geographic location, water pH, vegetation, hypsometric characteristics and territorial morphological units of the municipalities were included in this study.
In addition to the stack effect formula, the hypsometric equation (3) could be used as well.
The main map at 1:250,000 depicts very well the island's relief with the use of hypsometric tints and height spots.
The extraction of morphometric parameters utilizing digital elevation models arranged within a GIS environment focuses on hypsometric curve analysis, distribution of hypsometric integrals through spatial autocorrelation statistics, relative uplift values, the asymmetry factor and the normalized channel steepness index.
34) to hypsometric altitude maps, relief shading and digital elevation models.
The area of a zone with equal elevation areas above and below is called the Hypsometric Mean Elevation of that area.
2011) Terrain attributes: plan and profile Calculated from elevation curvature, slope, hypsometric index (elevation over mean elevation in window, radius 5 and 25 cells), standard deviation of elevation in window radius of 5 and 25 cells Topographic position index, radius Gallant and Austin (2015) 300 m Focal range: radius 300 m Gallant and Austin (2015) Focal range: radius 1000 m Gallant and Austin (2015) Multiresolution valley bottom flatness Gallant and Austin (2015) Topographic wetness index Gallant and Austin (2015) Organisms or vegetation Landsat Thematic Mapper Band 2, 2004 Landsat Mosaics, (Landsat) Geoscience Australia Fraction of photosynthetically active Donohue et al.
Cotef (1973) proposed for the Danube valley the plain low-level expression, defined in terms of hypsometric view, below an altitude of 15 m, widely corresponding to the entire floodplain of the Danube.