hyssop oil

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Noun1.hyssop oil - used chiefly in liqueurs
Chartreuse - aromatic green or yellow liqueur flavored with orange peel and hyssop and peppermint oils; made at monastery near Grenoble, France
oil - a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water
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Hyssop oil should be avoided in pregnancy and by epileptics.
The inhibitory concentrations ([IC.sub.50]) were determined at 0.016%, 0.0075%, 0.007%, 0.004%, 0.003% and 0.0015% for anise oil, hyssop oil, thyme oil, ginger oil, camomile oil and sandalwood oil, respectively.
Keywords: Virucidal activity; HSV-2; Anise oil; Hyssop oil; Thyme oil; Ginger oil; Camomile oil; Sandalwood oil
Remember in the Bible where Moses used hyssop oil for protection?