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n. pl. hys·ter·e·ses (-sēz)
The lagging of an effect behind its cause, as when the change in magnetism of a body lags behind changes in the magnetic field.

[Greek husterēsis, a shortcoming, from husterein, to come late, from husteros, late; see ud- in Indo-European roots.]

hys′ter·et′ic (-rĕt′ĭk) adj.
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During DNAPL migration, hysteretic capillary forces cause retention of a portion of the liquid within the pores as discontinuous globules or ganglia [Lenhard et al.
In a test to try erasing the knife-edge hysteretic effects, the balance was intentionally rotated up and down during a run by about 800 [micro]m after the mass was positioned.
Box-like hysteretic plots in all three connections showed sill log friction was a source of energy dissipation.
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These exhibit specific, hysteretic stress/strain/ temperature response and a so-called shape memory effect.
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Since here, as in all contacts, the stiffness is normal load dependent for both the tangential and normal stiffness; the pressure in the contact has a similar hysteretic behaviour.
Osaka, Dec 17, 2010 - (JCN Newswire) - Panasonic Corporation has successfully developed a new high-speed response hysteretic control DC-DC converter LSI series.
In the frequency domain, hysteretic damping can be introduced using the correspondence principle and by replacing the stiffness matrix [K.
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Other topics include dynamic analysis of lower limb prosthesis, noise control in an industrial hall, hysteretic damping of elastomeric systems, and vibration in an engine with neo-Hookean suspension.