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n. histerosalpingografía, radiografía del útero y de los oviductos por medio de material de contraste.
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The diagnosis can be easily established by cystoscopy and roentgenologic examination (cystography, hysterography), as well as by modern methods of visualization (ultrasonography, MDCT, or MRI).
The value of hysterography in the prediction of cesarean section wound defects.
These days MR hysterography with heavily T2-weighted sequence is also suggested for visualisation of fallopian tubes, but MR hysterography does not assess tubal patency.
If abnormal bleeding or spotting persists for more than 6 months after initiating the HT, endometrial surveillance in the form of an endometrial sampler, determining endometrial thickness by saline hysterography, direct hysteroscopic assessment and biopsy, or a formal diagnostic dilatation and curettage should be considered.
The abortion group consisted of 30 nulliparae with history of two or more successive (2) URA which entails (1) presence of a normal uterine cavity by hysterography, no luteal phase defect (progesterone level >10 ng/ ml), normal thyroid function tests (TSH, T3 and T4), normal levels of lupus anticoagulant measured by the activated partial thromboplastin time (32-43 seconds), normal levels of anticardiolipin IgG (<20 GPL) and IgM (<15 MPL) measured by ELISA and normal karyotyping (done for 10 cases with more than three successive abortions).