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n. histerosalpingografía, radiografía del útero y de los oviductos por medio de material de contraste.
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Diagnostic accuracy of sonohysterography, transvaginal sonography, and hysterosalpingography in patients with uterine cavity diseases.
HSG: Hysterosalpingography US: United States IVF: In vitro fertilization PTO: Proximal tubal occlusion IVF-ET: In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.
Transvaginal sonography preferably three-dimensional or hysterosalpingography, or a second-look hysteroscopy, can be performed for this purpose.
Therapeutic hysterosalpingography is essentially the same procedure using an oil-compatible balloon catheter and a maximum of 10mls of OSCM Lipiodol.
A diagnosis in women with CSO was verified based on general clinical data, an ultrasound study of the pelvic organs, and hysterosalpingography.
Luciano, "Can hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography replace hysterosalpingography in confirming tubal blockage after hysteroscopic sterilization and in the evaluation of the uterus and tubes in infertile patients?" American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, vol.
Since 1921 following the discovery of X-ray by Wilhem Roentgen, the radiopaque property of LPD hasbeen exploited for radiological diagnoses in lymphangiography, hysterosalpingography, sialography, and fistulography [1].
She was also assessed for uterine abnormalities, initially through hysterosalpingography procedure, then with hysteroscopy, without identifying any uterine cavity malformation.
(1, 3) If the skin hole is too small in the case of a suspected uterocutaneous fistula, hysterosalpingography with a methylene blue injection via the cervix can be helpful.
* Pelvic ultrasonography, hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy or exploratory laparotomy
Since laparoscopy visualizes morphological abnormalities of the fallopian tubes directly, it is generally accepted as the reference standard for determination of the accuracy of other diagnostic tools for tubal pathology such as hysterosalpingography (HSG)6.
Total 212 females of 20-38 years with anovulatory infertility (patients having contraceptive free sexual intercourse for more than one year and not getting pregnancy despite having normal pelvic ultrasonography, bilateral normal tubal patency on hysterosalpingography and normal male factor), presented to the OPD of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur, were selected.