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(ˈaɪˌpɒd) ,




1. (Communications & Information) trademark a small portable digital audio player capable of storing thousands of tracks downloaded from the internet or transferred from a CD
2. (Music, other) trademark a small portable digital audio player capable of storing thousands of tracks downloaded from the internet or transferred from a CD
ˈiˌPodder n
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Noun1.iPod - (trademark) a pocket-sized device used to play music files
video iPod - (trademark) an iPod that can also play video files
stereo, stereo system, stereophonic system, stereophony - reproducer in which two microphones feed two or more loudspeakers to give a three-dimensional effect to the sound
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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máy nghe nhạc Ipod


® [ˈaɪpɒd] NiPod ® m
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[ˈaɪpɒd] niPod® m
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الآيّ بُود® iPod iPod iPod® συσκευή iPod® iPod iPod iPod i-pod iPod® iPod® 아이팟 iPod® iPod iPod® iPod проигрыватель iPod® iPod ไอพอด iPod máy nghe nhạc Ipod iPod音乐播放器
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Liz also described how music, through an i-pod, can relax and, at the same time, help trigger movements with which certain members have particular difficulty.
The gold medalist, known as the I-Pod, practiced on the Olympic halfpipe Friday, but afterward said it would be "totally unreasonable" for him to compete.
The classically designed alarm clock radio will look sleek and stylish in any bedroom, while the built-in i-pod dock allows you to listen to your music any time of day.
It features touchscreen multimedia music system with Mirror link, I-pod connectivity, phonebook / SMS viewer, ESP and Hill hold control, Volkswagen's 'Climatronic' - an automatic AC with dust & pollen filter - and electrically adjustable ORVMs.
How can one not love a protagonist who quotes Virgil and Dashiel Hammett, watches episodes of Harry Bosch on tv and listens to Chet Baker on her I-Pod [or the equivalent]?
The list of stolen goods includes: Two Tungsten electronic diaries; |A Pandora bracelet with four |charms; A Pandora letter "C" charm; | A Pandora cross charm which has | five pink stones; A Pandora "Cancerian" charm; |Black diamond climbing harness; | A Hitachi 5mp video camera; |A Maplin mini digital camcorder; | A Nintendo DSI XL; | A Samsung Razor mobile phone; |A silver/ grey I-Pod Nano 8G.
A WOMAN flung an i-Pod lead round her ex-boyfriend's neck and tried to strangle him before stabbing at him with a knife.
The world's best-known, most successful and best-marketed snowboarder lost to a man they call the ''I-Pod,'' and now he may never hear the end of it.
Delhi Police said they have recovered an I-pod, ear plug, mobile phone and other valuable items.
Unveiled in September 2011, across five Indian cities, the cheetah-inspired XUV500 drew massive attention due to its stylish frame and state-of-the-art technologies which include GPS navigation system, automatic climate controls, Voice Commands and a sophisticated infotainment system, complete with 6-inch LCD touchscreen, DVD player, Bluesense technology, i-pod connectivity, along with 6 speakers.
I really can't travel without my i-pod. If there's no music I can't have any fun.
In order to be ready for this increased activity NEWMP has expanded its extensive website, added newspapers articles, and updated the technology to make it more i-pad and i-pod friendly.