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(ˈaɪˌpɒd) ,




1. (Communications & Information) trademark a small portable digital audio player capable of storing thousands of tracks downloaded from the internet or transferred from a CD
2. (Music, other) trademark a small portable digital audio player capable of storing thousands of tracks downloaded from the internet or transferred from a CD
ˈiˌPodder n
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Noun1.iPod - (trademark) a pocket-sized device used to play music files
video iPod - (trademark) an iPod that can also play video files
stereo, stereo system, stereophonic system, stereophony - reproducer in which two microphones feed two or more loudspeakers to give a three-dimensional effect to the sound
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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máy nghe nhạc Ipod


® [ˈaɪpɒd] NiPod ® m
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[ˈaɪpɒd] niPod® m
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الآيّ بُود® iPod iPod iPod® συσκευή iPod® iPod iPod iPod i-pod iPod® iPod® 아이팟 iPod® iPod iPod® iPod проигрыватель iPod® iPod ไอพอด iPod máy nghe nhạc Ipod iPod音乐播放器
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A NEW wave of British celebs have had intimate photos and videos stolen from their iCloud accounts.
Intimate photos and videos have been stolen from British celebrities' iCloud accounts.
Summary: California [USA], July 8 (ANI): Signing in iCloud on the web is likely to get easier as Apple is reportedly testing Face ID or Touch ID for authentication.
(https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/22/apple-spends-more-than-30-million-on-amazon-web-services-a-month.html) Apple's surging cloud bill is an indication of the dedicated online service it is offering on products like iCloud.
I use an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac, so the most natural service to use is iCloud. iCloud comes with a way to privately and securely share albums.
After her iCloud was hacked, Danielle, 34, took to Twitter to hit out against the people flooding her timeline with the pictures.
From then on, photos, documents and other personal information uploaded to iCloud accounts by Apple customers in China will be stored at a data base in southwest China's Guizhou Province, Xinhua news agency reported.
CPLC and Korangi Industrial Area (KIA) police acquired technical data and conducted a raid during which three people, who were allegedly involved in unblocking iCloud accounts, were arrested.
Apple is cutting the price of its iCloud storage service by 50 percent.
After introducing end-to-end encryption in mobile chats last year, WhatsApp has quietly added new security features to its iCloud backup feature.
The Chinese Giant announced the debut of its "Internet of Things" and iCloud LED lighting technologies for outdoor and urban applications at the LME 2016 Fair.