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Induced unintentionally in a patient by a physician. Used especially of an infection or other complication of treatment.

[Greek iātros, physician; see -iatric + -genic.]

i·at′ro·gen′i·cal·ly adv.


(Medicine) med in an iatrogenic manner
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In small ruminants, peripheral nerve injury is less common, mainly likely due to their smaller size, but may occur from predator wounds or iatrogenically following intramuscular drug administration (DIVERS, 2004).
Moreover, spread to distant site may occur iatrogenically during surgery or needle biopsy (5).
Spinal cord injury (SCI) mostly occurs due to trauma but may also occur iatrogenically or due to infection, tumors, or vascular lesions (1).
Another hypothesis to consider is whether the administration of meloxicam could exacerbate preexisting gastric lesions, either incidentally or iatrogenically by repeated gavages, as reported in mice and rats.
It is important for young people to advance their own development, not feel needlessly beholden to medications, not get iatrogenically dependent on them, and not feel that they have "diseases" they don't have.
Treating OUD is challenging because of the ease with which patients can obtain opioids and because sometimes OUD occurs iatrogenically.
Secondary AEFs occur iatrogenically after either aortic reconstructive surgery or endovascular repair.
28) The differential includes a fibrin body, foreign body granuloma, and an iatrogenically introduced gallstone.
No direct correlation was found between the decreased measured cytokine responses and intake of immunosuppressant medication indicating that these results are not caused by an iatrogenically suppressed immune system in SLE patients.
Occasionally the fractured poles of the scaphoid are too small to allow enough bony purchase with one screw, or there is fracture comminution that may iatrogenically propagate due to inappropriate hardware choice.
Iatrogenically induced hernia, involving rectus femoris and vastus lateralis, can occur as a complication following an anterolateral thigh perforator flap and after fascia lata harvest for cruciate ligament repair.