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 (ĭb′ĭ-dĕm′, ĭ-bī′dəm)
adv. Abbr. ib. or ibid.
In the same place. Used in footnotes and bibliographies to refer to the book, chapter, article, or page cited just before.

[Latin ibīdem; see i- in Indo-European roots.]
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in the same place
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(ˈɪb ɪ dəm, ɪˈbaɪ dəm, ɪˈbi-)

in the same book, chapter, page, etc., previously cited.
[< Latin: in the place already mentioned]
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Adv.1.ibidem - in the same place (used when citing a reference)
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Such had been Silas Deemer--such the fixity and invariety of his life and habit, that the village humorist (who had once attended college) was moved to bestow upon him the sobriquet of "Old Ibidem," and, in the first issue of the local newspaper after the death, to explain without offence that Silas had taken "a day off." It was more than a day, but from the record it appears that well within a month Mr.
Father told him he will realize she is the one or "soul mate" if he spiritually rests near that person (Ibidem: 37) (1).
It has been put in opposition with "sustainable tourism" or "alternative" tourism (ibidem).
(17) "Um estilo de existencia--talvez a sua unica contribuicao original a cultura masculina." in: Idem, Ibidem, p.
ANDORRA: Ordino, Pic de Coma Pedrosa, 31TCH7215, 23002940 m, suelo siliceo; ibidem, pic de Cataperdis, 31TCH7518, 2500-2800 m, suelo siliceo; ibidem, pic de Tristaina, 31TCH7623, 2490-2800 m, suelo siliceo; Canillo, pic de l'Estanyo, 31TCH8317, 2400-2900 m, suelo calcareo (Azuaga & Gomez-Bolea 2000).