ice ax

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ice′ ax`

a mountaineering tool having an adzlike blade and a pick on the head of a long handle with a spike on the other end.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: ax - an ax used by mountain climbers for cutting footholds in iceice ax - an ax used by mountain climbers for cutting footholds in ice
ax, axe - an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
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An ice ax (for "self-arrest" in case you slip) and crampons (metal claws you strap to your boots) are essential for a safe climb.
You'll be outfitted with boots, crampons, and ice ax, and spend a half-day on nearby slopes learning the ropes.
He is an inventor, an engineer, a safety innovator, directly he has saved God knows how many people through his work with Glencoe rescue, but with his metal ice axes and folding stretcher, has saved thousands of lives.
Enjoy the snow, make good decisions!" The team advised climbers to take extra warm clothing, crampons and ice axes if routes to the summit of the mountain are covered in ice or snow.
In the U.S., ice climbing and mountaineering were noted among the favorite outdoor activities, which may reflect in the rising demand for ice axes in the U.S.
Chung reminded mountain trekkers to beware stretches of the trails prone to icy conditions and be equipped with ice axes, helmets and other ice climbing tools, adding that risk assessments must be done to ensure safety.
Fears were raised that ice axes and crampons - sets of spikes fitted to boots for climbing on ice - were not being used.
Using specialist ice axes and crampons, the climbers made their way up the icy incline to the river above.
Abu Zafar said Nepalese Sherpas had reached Camp 3 and found equipment such as crampons and ice axes which were vital for the climbers to surviving on the mountain.
It will be a while yet before the crampons and ice axes are packed away.Winter conditions can strike at any time on the high peaks.The sun may be splitting the sky at ground level but 3000 feet up you could be facing blizzards, high winds and near-zero visibility.
We may be roped together as we make our way to Next with backs to the wall using crampons and ice axes.