ice cap

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or ice cap  (īs′kăp′)
An extensive dome-shaped or platelike perennial cover of ice and snow that spreads out from a center and covers a large area, especially of land or a polar region.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: cap - a mass of ice and snow that permanently covers a large area of land (e.g., the polar regions or a mountain peak)ice cap - a mass of ice and snow that permanently covers a large area of land (e.g., the polar regions or a mountain peak)
ice mass - a large mass of ice
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We were above the south polar ice cap. Only at the poles of Mars is there ice or snow upon the planet.
The water which supplies the farms of Mars is collected in immense underground reservoirs at either pole from the melting ice caps, and pumped through long conduits to the various populated centers.
"It is currently spring in the northern hemisphere of Mars, and water-ice clouds and small dust-lifting events are frequently observed along the edge of the seasonally retreating ice cap," the statement read.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- New research suggests liquid water is present beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars.
In terms of its ease of access, a five hours' drive from Reykjavik, and the dramatically displayed landscape resulting from climate-induced melt and retreat of the ice cap margins and its many outlet glaciers, it is incomparable worldwide.
AHUGE ice cap which covered Wales was half a mile thick, new research has found.
His actions on the Greenland ice cap read like his whole life.''
Lava from the fissures around Bardarbunga has so far reached the surface only on land that is not covered by ice, whereas an eruption under an ice cap may be explosive and result in an ash cloud that could under certain circumstances disrupt aviation.
We are told that the melting Arctic ice cap is causing sea levels to rise.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- The melting of sea ice in the Arctic is well on its way toward its annual "minimum," that time when the floating ice cap covers less of the Arctic Ocean than at any other period during the year.
THE question troubling the world right now is not whether North Korea is about to drop bombs on us, or why the polar ice cap is melting faster than an ice cream on a radiator, but whether Sharon and Ozzy Osborne have split up.
The remote ice cap has only been traversed by a handful of people due to access difficulties.