ice chest

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ice′ chest`

an insulated box that holds ice and is used for keeping food or beverages cold.
[1835–45, Amer.]
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icebox, refrigerator - white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures
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- Highlights of the S550 30" VIP: 2 LCD TV's, hardwood center console with glassware and an ice chest, AM FM CD radio in overhead cockpit and a hands free intercom system.
The men were found in 65-degree water clinging to an ice chest from their vessel.
Are you buying blocks of ice for your ice chest? Keep those old milk jugs and freeze your ice in them.
That evening as the Chevy plunged down the dark, rutted roads, as Mama made one wrong turn after the other, Hattie kept looking back at the ice chest that held the swan.
We have[ldots]" She was standing over me with the empty ice chest.
Or set the food container into another, larger container (a handsome pan, even an ice chest), and surround the food container with ice.
1 small ice chest = 50 dead shrimp + 2 dead fish + 6 dead soldiers
I want to hit the road again, kids and dogs in the wagon, space carefully and efficiently allocated, ice chest tucked away behind the driver's seat, and head for parts unknown.
Put fish in an ice chest or styrofoam cooler to prevent freezing and dehydration.
An ice chest packed good and tight with cold drinks, milk, ham, and cheese fit the bill just fine.
Before you leave home, wash salad greens, wrap in paper towels, enclose in a plastic bag, and chill in ice chest to crisp.
Once at home, cleaned fish that are to be eaten within a day or two can safely be held in the refrigerator or ice chest, so long as it's kept covered.