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ice′ chest`

an insulated box that holds ice and is used for keeping food or beverages cold.
[1835–45, Amer.]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: chest - a refrigerator for cooling liquidsice chest - a refrigerator for cooling liquids  
icebox, refrigerator - white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures
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With many great options available for longterm, overbuilt ice chests, the age of the modern cooler is here.
There was the story of old man Has No Cheese up in Montana who was stopped by a game warden leaving a river well known for its fishing with two ice chests of fish.
The best way to keep bears from finding your food is to keep all your edibles in ice chests or storage containers.
We have ice chests on the yaks and we have steaks, king crab, and wine; it's a luxury kind of tour up in the mountains," Burleson says.
Having built ice chests for 65 years, Igloo is an iconic cooler brand that recently got into the high-end cooler game with their Yukon Series Cold Lockers.
has announced the availability of the 2011 Bar & Beverage Dispensing Equipment catalog, The company reports that the full-color catalog is the largest edition yet at 179 pages, with 12 more pages of equipment added, The catalog includes equipment to outfit the complete bar, from the draft beer system to underbar stainless sinks and ice chests.
For years I've lived with leaking waders, ice chests, float tubes and everything else designed to hold or repel fluids.
A special rail car was fitted with a spring-cushioned bed and ice chests below with a ventilated ceiling.
Even in its 30th year, Roundhouse Aquarium's bare-bones mobile teaching program forces employees traveling to Los Angeles County schools to haul ice chests full of sea critters in their own cars.
The no-caster chests replace the 200-lb ice chests in the mobile kitchen trailer and the company-level field feeding kitchen.
This company has completed a processing cooling system for Igloo Products, makers of coolers and ice chests.
Food and beverages will be available, and ice chests and coolers will not be allowed.