ice hockey rink

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hockey rink - an ice rink for playing ice hockeyice hockey rink - an ice rink for playing ice hockey  
boards - the boarding that surrounds an ice hockey rink
ice rink, ice-skating rink, ice - a rink with a floor of ice for ice hockey or ice skating; "the crowd applauded when she skated out onto the ice"
penalty box - (ice hockey) an enclosed bench to the side of an ice-hockey rink for players who are serving time penalties
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Summary: Leh (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Jan 8 (ANI): In spite of not having proper infrastructure, people from different parts of Ladakh came to witness the 12th Chief Executive Councillor (CEC) Ice Hockey Championship, inaugurated here at the Karzoo ice hockey rink on Tuesday.
He even lights a candle in memory of two deceased Slovak hockey players ndash Pavol Demitra and Miroslav Hlinka, Fi#269iacute wrote.Piscaronta had to pay to rent the ice hockey rink and for a jersey from a fan shop as well.
A 20-year-old woman with Down syndrome who practically grew up in the ice hockey rink.
The facilities will be equipped with sports gear and provide trainings on real ice hockey rink to the interested players in the Pakistan.
Summary: The coming years will see Olympic infrastructure development at the resort, with a biathlon track, ski jumping hills, and an ice hockey rink in the pipeline.
Katz, the not-entirely beloved owner of the Edmonton Oilers professional hockey team, unsurprisingly maintains a billionaire-style portfolio of private residences that our research suggests include, but may not be limited to a 25,000-ish square-foot contemporary in his hometown of Edmonton, reported to have indoor and outdoor pools, plus a private ice hockey rink; a 6,000-plus square-foot penthouse in Vancouver; and a nearly 7,000-square-foot compound inside the guarded gates of the prestigious Bighorn golf and resort community in California's Palm Desert.
For many fans the Winter Games do not properly begin until the sticks clatter on the men's ice hockey rink, and that starts today at the gleaming new venues of the Bolshoy Ice Dome and Shayba Arena.
For many fans the Winter Games do not properly begin until the puck drops on the men's ice hockey rink, and that happens on Wednesday at the gleaming new Bolshoy Ice Dome and Shayba Arena on Russia's Black Sea Coast.
The Millennium Stadium would be able to pack in more spectator seats due to the standard ice hockey rink requiring less space than a rugby pitch.
Al Dhaheri continues to excel on the ice hockey rink despite being aged 35 now, but his legacy looks set to continue thanks to his 16-year-old son, Mohammad, who is showing plenty of promise in the sport.
Short track is manic, with skaters battling each other over an oval course the size of an ice hockey rink.