ice resurfacer

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ice′ resur`facer

a machine that smooths the surface of ice on a rink.
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In videos, they tell fans from abroad that Slovakia has much to offer.Sajfa, a popular Slovak presenter, drives an ice resurfacer with several foreigners living in Slovakia.
On December 15, the CO emissions from the propane-fueled ice resurfacer were demonstrated to be 4.8% of total emissions when actively resurfacing and 2.3% when idling, both above the optimal range of 0.5%-1.0% (2,3).
Other spaces consist of locker rooms, 2,800 [ft.sup.2] (260 [m.sup.2]); mechanical and electrical rooms, 600 [ft.sup.2] (56 [m.sup.2]); ice resurfacer machine room, 300 [ft.sup.2] (28 [m.sup.2]); offices and meeting rooms, 2,500 [ft.sup.2] (232 [m.sup.2]); canteen and kitchen area, 1,500 [ft.sup.2] (139 [m.sup.2]); main entrance hall, 1,500 [ft.sup.2] (139 [m.sup.2]); and service rooms 800 [ft.sup.2] (74 [m.sup.2]).
recently unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell-powered eP-Ice Bear ice resurfacer at the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) as part of a Hydrogen Energy Summit sponsored by U.S.
Perhaps the most visible technology--certainly the one dearest to hockey fans--is the ice resurfacer. Developed in the 1940s by Los Angeles-based Frank Zamboni & Co.
Catalytic mufflers were found to fail the second year of use in this investigation probably due to the inability of the company to insure adequate maintenance of rented lift tracks, Similar disappointing field experiences with catalytic mufflers on lift truck and ice resurfacer engines have been reported (7), Three way catalytic converters with oxygen sensor/ feedback fuel control systems show.
The culprit: too much nitrogen dioxide in the air due to a malfunctioning ice resurfacer.
While the ice resurfacer was operating in the arena, the N[O.sub.2] concentration in the breathing zone increased, reaching 0.5 parts per million, the level at which corrective action must be taken according to regulations in states that regulate indoor air quality in ice arenas (Table 2).
The ice is built up in layers--in some cases using an ice resurfacer with water tanks.