ice tongs

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Ice tongs

When iceboxes were used that required blocks of ice for cooling, ice was generally sold in blocks weighing twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred pounds. Ice tongs were used to grip those blocks when they were to be moved.
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Noun1.Ice tongs - tongs for lifting blocks of iceice tongs - tongs for lifting blocks of ice  
pair of tongs, tongs - any of various devices for taking hold of objects; usually have two hinged legs with handles above and pointed hooks below
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
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A loaded rack wagon would be pulled under the mow overhang on the north side and massive steel hay hooks--larger than the ice tongs of days gone past--would be positioned around eight bales of hay at a time.
His additional array of tools include ice tongs, an iron crowbar-like ice hook, and ice screws (hollow metal ones also used for ice-climbing) to pull out the blocks of ice with nylon rope and carabiners (metal loops with a spring-loaded gate for connecting components).
With only 500 pieces to be sold across the globe, the exclusive trunk comes with four engraved crystal glasses, a whisky funnel, a pair of ice tongs and a Dunhill hunter flask set in birch wood and blue lining.
Granger, 94, of Auburn remembers when ice tongs were used to lift and carry blocks of ice delivered to homes for iceboxes.
To make lifting a slippery block easier, they reach for special ice tongs. Glue guns are used for repairs.
What does a cardboard piece of furniture decked out with five life-size figures from a popular TV show have to do with the crosscut saw, old Victrola, ice tongs and blacksmith anvil - all in somber browns, tans and blacks and reminding visitors of Springfield's venerable age of 125 next year.
Ice harvesters used long-handled ice pikes and gaffs to push blocks through the newly opened waterway to a loading area, and ice tongs to help load ice in wagons.
Priced from pounds 16.50, a corkscrew, bottle holder, thermometer or ice tongs all feature a smiling face.