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In addition, the Group's "Tontine Red Ice Wine 2016" won a bronze medal for the 13th G100 International Wine & Spirits Competition, marking the Group as the sole awarded enterprise in Tonghua.
PS16.99 Lakeview Cellars Canadian Ice Wine Aldi Ice wine, from frozen grapes, is a growing trend in the UK - this half-bottle choice has hints of honey, lemon and orange.
Ice wine is made by harvesting grapes in mid-winter when they are frozen and the temperature is roughly -12C.
Lake View Cellars Vidal Icewine (Aldi PS16.99) The Germans pretty much pioneered ice wine until Canada jumped on board to produce more affordable versions.
If he is, then he will surely appreciate a bottle of Canadian ice wine or coffee wine from Urban Island Winery.
Well, the good lady suggested a drop of Canadian ice wine. Sauternes and blue cheese is a bit of a classic, so why not a chilled glass of sweety from that hotbed of New World ice wine, Canada?
| Vidal Pillitteri Ice Wine 2016, right (PS14.99, Lidl, 11% abv): Ice wines are created in the most extraordinary way.
-- Growers in British Columbia, Michigan and Ontario reported excellent conditions for an early harvest of grapes for the 2016 vintage ice wine.
Several Canadian provinces especially Ontario but also British Columbia, Qu'bec and Nova Scotia are known for producing ice wine, a type of dessert wine derived from grapes that freeze naturally while on the vine and are pressed while frozen.
The Best of Ecuador, October 6-12 Surf, Sun, & Pura Vida in Costa Rica, December 29-January 7 Vineyards, Ice Wine, and Niagara Falls, July 13-16 2017
TRY Canadian ice wine, a super sweet wine harvested from grapes that have frozen on the vine.
An agreement that will bring more Ontario ice wine to China to help meet the growing demand for this signature product