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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - someone who engages in ice skatingice-skater - someone who engages in ice skating  
skater - someone who skates
speed skater, speedskater - an ice-skater who races competitively; usually around an oval course
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Following claims earlier this week that national ice-skater Lee Seung-hoon physically harassed younger teammates, a government investigation has revealed that skating star Shim Suk-hee's coach consistently harassed her, deepening further the issue of physical abuse inside Korean ice-skating circles.
I can still skate, paracetamol helps Ice-skater Christopher Dean, 59 Our food culture is about money.
Ice-skater Christopher Dean, 59, who suspects he has arthritis thanks to his years on the rink "George had a Ferrari, so I got a Ferrari.
Which British ice-skater won a gold medal at the 1976 Winter Olympics?
In which country was ice-skater Katarina Witt born?
The celebrities will perform in the show, alongside professional ice-skater Colin Ratushniak and a skating troupe.
BIRTHDAYS: Jack Higgins, novelist, 83; Baroness (Shirley) Williams, politician, 82; Bobbie Gentry, singer, 68; Allan Border, former cricketer, 57; Christopher Dean, former Olympic ice-skater, pictured, 54; Jo Durie, former tennis player, 52.
The course at Planet Ice Coventry was held with professional ice-skater and coach Mark Hanretty.
George Khoury was a longtime ice-skater who had nowhere to turn after the country's last permanent ice arena closed down seven years ago.
He's riled contestants and viewers alike, while doling out comments more cutting than a ice-skater's blades, but viewers wouldn't ever wish him stranded on a desert island, with only his collection of hats for company - would they?
A PROFESSIONAL ice-skater from Britain was flown to Miami to train rapper Vanilla Ice for the next series of ITV1's Dancing on Ice.