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Noun1.icecream - frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoringicecream - frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoring
frozen dessert - any of various desserts prepared by freezing
chocolate ice cream - ice cream flavored with chocolate
Neapolitan ice cream - a block of ice cream with 3 or 4 layers of different colors and flavors
peach ice cream - ice cream flavored with fresh peaches
strawberry ice cream - ice cream flavored with fresh strawberries
tutti-frutti - ice cream containing chopped candied fruits
vanilla ice cream - ice cream flavored with vanilla extract
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Within the country, it is more known as icecream and flavoured milk manufacturer.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has decided to ban Igloo icecream product for being indecent and objectionable.
Defiant against terrorism and in order that life go on, Alfaqma icecream, which was targeted by the cowardly terrorist bombing in Karrada, was restored in record time and reopened today.
Tesco Pigs In Mud Ice Cream, PS2.80 for 480ml Like kids don't think icecream is thrilling enough already, Tesco has dreamed up this Wonka-esque chocolate and marshmallow, with mini marshmallows and chocolate-flavour piggies.
Aldo Gallone is the grandson of Dionisio DiMascio, owner of Coventry's famous D Di's icecream vans of the 1950s and 1960s and which was the origin of the local saying "the D Di man".
THE 6th Cardiff St John's Brownie unit marked the Big Brownie Birthday (100 years) at Fablas Icecream parlour in Canton, when the owner gave up the whole store to the Brownies.
I have really sensitive skin so I was slightly worried about putting the accompanying IceCream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturiser on my face.
COVER 8 A freerunning spectacular kicks off in Newcastle 14 Stockton International Riverside Festival is back with a 25th birthday bonanza 18 And it's birthday number two for the Bridges Festival 47 TASTE Special anniversary is the icecream on the cake for Mark Toney INSIDE 16 Gateshead artist David Goard celebrates Baltic's 10th birthday 22 Northern Stage takes home-grown stars to the Edinburgh Festival 35 Enjoy Hannah Campion's new horizons 40 Young talents can snap up a chance to enter a photo and film competition 42 The deadly art of pottery 46 An 'out to Africa' project to find forgotten artists
Their versatility and tailored melting points, makes them suitable for use in both soft whip and premium icecream to create enchanting and indulgent desserts.