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A machine, often built into a refrigerator, that freezes water into ice cubes. Also called ice machine.


a device for making ice, esp as part of a refrigerator


(ˈaɪsˌmeɪ kər)

an appliance for making ice.
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Copelands client was sued due to mold found behind an icemaker as well as allegations of issues with the shower.
bar with natural stone counter top and custom millwork concealing a fridge, wine cabinet and icemaker. Sotheby's International Realty's Michael Sieger has the exclusive listing.
"The solar icemaker functions on the basis of surface absorption and for the same reason this device uses active carbon as absorber and methanol as operant fluid," Mojtaba Ejian, a senior researcher at the Material and Energy Research Center of Iran, told FNA in December.
Dave Smith started Ice-O-Matic in 1952 and broke into the market by demonstrating his icemaker in the bathtub in his hotel room at a trade show.
Installing a brass compression tee body is a good way to provide water to your refrigerator's icemaker. Although the brass ferrule seals the copper pipes to the tee, Les still uses a little pipe dope on the ferrule to assist in even compression.
"If those coils get clogged and that refrigerator can't breathe, it overheats the compressor; it overheats the refrigeration and it eventually will lead to failure." If you have an icemaker and water dispensers built into your refrigerator, it's also important to change that filter per the manufacturer's recommendations.
The new CI series, with its modular, removable icemaker mounted at waist height behind the dispenser splash panel, provides the ease of access and ease of cleaning required in today's demanding environment, say company officials.
Now, experts have hired a giant icemaker in a bid to get him to remember that Arctic seals shouldn't like it hot.
Late last year, Marvel, which has been a mainstay in the outdoor refrigerator and beverage cooler arena, launched its first undercounter combination refrigerator/freezer/ icemaker for the outdoors.
Plus five en suite bedrooms.' KITCHEN All clean lines and hi-tech gadgets, with top-of-the-range Amana fridge freezers which feature a filtered fresh water supply and icemaker, crushed or cubed, Miele espresso coffee maker and warming drawer are all the footballers' dream lists.