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1. A man who cuts, sells, or delivers ice.
2. Slang A hired killer.


n, pl icemen
1. (Commerce) chiefly US a man who sells or delivers ice
2. (Archaeology) archaeol a prehistoric human corpse found preserved in ice



n., pl. -men.
a person who stores, sells, or delivers ice.
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Noun1.iceman - someone who cuts and delivers ice
delivery boy, deliveryman, deliverer - someone employed to make deliveries
2.iceman - a professional killericeman - a professional killer    
liquidator, manslayer, murderer - a criminal who commits homicide (who performs the unlawful premeditated killing of another human being)


[ˈaɪsmæn] N (icemen (pl))
1. (US) → vendedor m or repartidor m de hielo
2. (Archeol) → hombre m de hielo
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At other times anyone could dance who paid his money and was orderly; the railroad men, the roundhouse mechanics, the delivery boys, the iceman, the farm-hands who lived near enough to ride into town after their day's work was over.
Laura Lean Jibbey, peanut brittle, a little almond cream on the neck muscles, dishes unwashed, half an hour's talk with the iceman, reading a package of old letters, a couple of pickles and two bottles of malt extract, one hour peeking through a hole in the window shade into the flat across the air-shaft--that's about all there is to it.
Probably the most studied human being to have lived on the planet, Otzi the iceman was discovered in 1991 in the Italian Alps by two climbers.
In issue five, which dropped earlier this year, Iceman finally comes out to his conservative parents.
Archaeologists have found a copper blade in Switzerland that might be linked to Otzi the Iceman, reports said.
Summary: Los Angeles [USA], August 21 (ANI): Two-time Academy-award winner Denzel Washington is all set to return next year to star in Eugene O'Neill's 'The Iceman Cometh'.
Sweden, July 30 -- High in a remote area of the Oetztaler Alps in northern Italy, 5,300 years ago, Oetzi the Iceman was shot in the back with an arrow.
has expanded its Iceman SC Series of portable chillers with the new ASL and WSL lines.
A 5,300-year-old hunter nicknamed Otzi the Iceman whose mummified body was found in the Tyrolean Alps wore a fur hat made from brown bear pelt and an arrow quiver fashioned from roe deer leather, scientists have found.
The tattoos on the wrist, legs, back and ribs of Otzi the Iceman predate the body art on a mummified man from South America, Bruce Bower reported in "Iceman has the world's oldest tattoos" (SN: 1/23/16, p.
We are not entirely sure of the reasons behind the delay in the release of The Iceman in Oman, but the film came here last weekend almost a year after hitting the screens in the US, and almost two years after showing in the international festival circuit.
The Iceman Cert 15 THE ICEMAN is based on the true story of mob hitman Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski, who was reportedly responsible for more than 200 murders.