A view or picture of a region of ice and snow.
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His ship, Endurance, was trapped and ultimately lost to the ice, forcing Shackleton and his men to fight for survival on a vast and treacherous icescape for two years.
Silver Medal in 11th Malaysia Open National Figure Skating Championship 15th Apr - 16th Apr 2016 at Icescape Ice Rink Kuala Lumpur.
The reason bears use smells on the hunt is "because winds can carry odours across the complex icescape," according to the study.
As the Arctic icescape transitions from one dominated by multiyear sea ice to one dominated by first-year ice, new and young sea ice surfaces are expected to become a more prevalent feature in the Arctic (Kwok, 2007; Maslanik et al.
The absurdity of posting apocalyptic prognostications as a warning to an uninhabited icescape becomes poignant when the billboard itself falls victim to its own predictions.
Pained by the fear of being perceived as failures who abandoned their leader on the savage polar icescape, they suffered guilt and marriage breakdowns.
It was part of the NASA-funded ICESCAPE program to investigate the impact of climate change in the polar Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.
Stardust's sole camera, pieced together from an old lens from the Voyager program and a detector from Galileo, recorded a diverse and structured dirty icescape that looked very familiar.
When studying sea ice, satellites beam microwaves at the icescape and, among other things, record how they scatter.
Amid this glacial icescape, Verney further explores his conflicted sense of temporality and history: