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adj. ic·i·er, ic·i·est
1. Containing or covered with ice: an icy road.
2. Bitterly cold; freezing: an icy day. See Synonyms at cold.
a. Unfriendly or hostile: an icy stare.
b. Showing no emotion: icy detachment.

ic′i·ly adv.
ic′i·ness n.
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in an icy or reserved manner
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(ˈaɪ sə li)

in an icy manner.
i′ci•ness, n.
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Adv.1.icily - in a cold and icy manner; "`Mr. Powell finds it easier to take it out of mothers, children and sick people than to take on this vast industry,' Mr Brown commented icily"
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buzlarla örtülübuzlu buzlu


[ˈaɪsɪlɪ] ADV
1. (lit) → glacialmente
2. (fig) [say, stare] → glacialmente, con mucha frialdad
he looked at me icilyme dirigió una mirada glacial
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[ˈaɪsɪli] adv [say] → sur un ton glacial
"Have you finished?" he asked icily → "Vous avez fini?", demanda-t-il sur un ton glacial.
icily polite → d'une politesse glaciale
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bloweisig; a north-east wind blew icilyes wehte ein eisiger Nordostwind; icily coldeisig kalt, eiskalt
(fig) say, stareeisig, frostig; smilekalt; calm, polite, coldeisig; to look icily at somebodyjdm einen eisigen Blick zuwerfen
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[ˈaɪsɪlɪ] advgelidamente
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(ais) noun
1. frozen water. The pond is covered with ice.
2. an ice-cream. chocolate ice-cream. Three ices, please.
3. (American) a fruit-flavoured frozen dessert usually made without milk and cream. lemon ice(s).
to cover with icing. She iced the cake.
ˈicing noun
a mixture of sugar, white of egg, water etc used to cover or decorate cakes.
ˈicy adjective
1. very cold. icy winds.
2. covered with ice. icy roads.
3. unfriendly. an icy tone of voice.
ˈicily adverb
ˈiciness noun
ice age
a time when a great part of the earth's surface was covered with ice.
ice axe
a type of axe used by mountain climbers to cut holds in ice for their hands and feet.
ˈiceberg noun
a huge mass of ice floating in the sea.
ice box
(American) a refrigerator.
ˌice-ˈcream noun
cream or a mixture of creamy substances, flavoured and frozen. chocolate ice-cream.
ˈice-cube noun
a small cube of ice used for cooling drinks etc.
ice rink
a large room or building with a floor of ice for skating.
ice-skate verb
to skate on ice.
ice-skating noun
ice tray
a metal or plastic tray for making ice-cubes in a refrigerator.
ice over/up
to become covered with ice. The pond iced over during the night; The windows have iced up.
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References in classic literature ?
"No, thank you," she said icily. "I know the road home pretty well alone.
Poyser in a hard voice, rolling and unrolling her knitting and looking icily out of the window, as she continued to stand opposite the squire.
For God's sake --I beg, I conjure --here exclaimed the stranger Captain to Ahab, who thus far had but icily received his petition.
I confess it with shame - shrunk icily into myself, like a snail; at every glance retired colder and farther; till finally the poor innocent was led to doubt her own senses, and, overwhelmed with confusion at her supposed mistake, persuaded her mamma to decamp.
"If you'll give me my bill now I needn't trouble you again," he said icily.
Clayton," she said icily, "and I regret that I am not a man, that I might make it." She turned quickly and entered the cabin.
Martin's cold blue eyes looked icily into his wife's blazing gray ones.
Still their unnatural burden bumped from side to side; and now the head would be laid, as if in confidence, upon their shoulders, and now the drenching sack-cloth would flap icily about their faces.
Fate's Footballs in particular, rehearsals had just reached that stage of brisk delirium when the author toys with his bottle of poison and the stage-manager becomes icily polite.
Whenever she wants a nosegay he has got one to give her, gathered and arranged by himself, and greatly to my amusement, he is always cunningly provided with a duplicate, composed of exactly the same flowers, grouped in exactly the same way, to appease his icily jealous wife before she can so much as think herself aggrieved.
Again she regarded me so icily, I felt at once that her opinion of me--her feeling towards me--was unchanged and unchangeable.
Her throbbing heart stopped; her trembling hands grew icily quiet.