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The branch of art history that deals with the description, analysis, and interpretation of icons or iconic representations.

i·con′o·log′i·cal (ī-kŏn′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
i′co·nol′o·gist n.
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1. (Art Terms) the study or field of art history concerning icons
2. icons collectively
3. (Eastern Church (Greek & Russian Orthodox)) the symbolic representation or symbolism of icons
iconological adj
ˌicoˈnologist n
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(ˌaɪ kəˈnɒl ə dʒi)

the study of icons or symbolic representations.
i•con•o•log•i•cal (aɪˌkɒn lˈɒdʒ ɪ kəl) adj.
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1. the study of images.
2. iconography. — iconologist, n. — iconological, adj.
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the description, history, and analysis of symbolic art or artistic symbolism, especially that of the late medieval and Renaissance periods. Also called iconography. — iconologist, n. — iconological, adj.
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Noun1.iconology - the branch of art history that studies visual images and their symbolic meaning (especially in social or political terms)
art history - the academic discipline that studies the development of painting and sculpture
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This book is referred to in Scoditti's Fragmenta Ethnographica (1980) as 'Ethnographicus Kitavensis: Iconology and Semantics'.
Before the movie's fifteen minutes run out, it's worth considering what all this means, because Lee's vision of Malcolm X and the larger Malcolm iconology surrounding it reveal significant issues in contemporary black politics.
It proposes a separate symbolism, mythology, critique, and iconology. The Black Arts and the Black Power concepts both relate broadly to the Afro-American's desire for self-determination and nationhood.
Among her topics are Archimedean points: monuments as duration reservoirs, forms and figures: two fundamental modes of pictorial production, iconological space: Panofsky with Warburg, the figural synthesis of historical reality in the iconology table, and figural content and the past as a res extensa.
From Catalogue Raisonne emerged New Art History and Erwin Panofsky's explorations in "Iconology".
modernism, iconoclasm, theological fallacies, Jacques Maritain); orthodox iconology (asceticism, mystical lives, St.
What for some may be a given, this concept became an overt part of my methodological process while I was writing extensively on the iconology of Mary Magdalene.
According to Panofsky, iconology and iconography are separated by differentiating the interpretation of the total symbolic system of the visual representation from the cataloguing of particular motifs.
Didi-I Iuberman reveals a Warburg at odds with the humanist iconology that succeeded him--presenting his legacy as a worldview predicated on the loss of self rather than its redemption.
The museum also offers classes in Russian, iconology, icon painting, and has guest lecturers.
Sun and Life (1947), another important work personalized Kahlo's studies of Freud and Egypt in a complex composition that refers back to Renaissance iconology (SL 99-102).