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On examination, she had no dysmorphism, was pale, febrile with no icterus, petechiae, or bruises.
55% of the cases presented with abdominal lump, second most common sign was tenderness in abdomen and icterus.
In acquired skin lesions, intertrigo was seen in 8 neonates, icterus was seen in 4 neonates and oral thrush was noted in 1 infant.
The physical examination revealed jaundice, scleral icterus, purpuric macules, superficial desquamation, gingivitis (FIGURE 1), and perifollicular hemorrhages with corkscrew hairs (FIGURES 2 AND 3).
The most common interferents are hemolysis (hemoglobin), icterus (bilirubin), and lipemia.
Automated pre-analytical sample integrity checks identify under-filled sample tubes, abnormal sample aspiration potentially caused by clots, and assay-specific interference from hemolysis, icterus and lipemia.
Hemolysis, lipemia, icterus or drugs could interfere with an
Important post mortem findings were generalized icterus, haemorrhagic parenchymatous organs, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly and lobular and lobar pneumonia.
In 64 of 756 laboratories (8%), a manual procedure, such as placing a drop of specimen on gauze, followed by visual inspection, was used to differentiate hemolysis from icterus in difficult cases.