ideal point

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ide′al point′

the point at infinity assumed to be the point at which parallel lines intersect.
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This ideal point of the estuary, this centre of memories, is marked upon the steely gray expanse of the waters by a lightship painted red that, from a couple of miles off, looks like a cheap and bizarre little toy.
The point [y.sup.I] = ([y.sup.I.sub.1],..., [y.sup.I.sub.p]) is called the MCOP ideal point (1) where I min [y.sup.I.sub.i] = [min.sub.x[member of]X] [f.sub.i](x), i = 1,..., p.
The ideal point comes when the whites have expanded and incorporated almost to their max capacity, but they still have a bit of stretch left, so there's room for the air cells to grow.
A passive citizen is an ideal point of focus in this tradition, and has no inclination to challenge power.
Oman is strategically located at a focal point of two continents: (East) Africa and (South) Asia, two areas that combined are considered a huge export market and an ideal point for distribution and communications with neighboring and international markets.
To test the effectiveness of the proposed method, two groups of experiments will be presented in the following, including the simulated ideal point targets and the practical measured data in SAR imaging.
The panelists Matthew Gardner, chief economist for Windermere in Seattle, and Tom Potiowsky, director of the Northwest Economic Research Center at Portland State University said the economy is at an ideal point.
Being tried for murder only to settle things via blood money is hardly an ideal point to have on the resume of arguably the second most powerful executive position in the country.
Ideal point of departure for the marshes, flats and reefs of northwestern Lake O, as well as the lower Kissimmee River.