ideal point

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ide′al point′

the point at infinity assumed to be the point at which parallel lines intersect.
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This ideal point of the estuary, this centre of memories, is marked upon the steely gray expanse of the waters by a lightship painted red that, from a couple of miles off, looks like a cheap and bizarre little toy.
Oman is strategically located at a focal point of two continents: (East) Africa and (South) Asia, two areas that combined are considered a huge export market and an ideal point for distribution and communications with neighboring and international markets.
Thanks to its strategic position between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, its proximity to the European continent and its important infrastructures, Morocco is an ideal point for the launch of Indian investments in Europe and North Africa, the paper concluded.
Ideal point of departure for the marshes, flats and reefs of northwestern Lake O, as well as the lower Kissimmee River.
If the institution does not affect individual preferences, the individual's ideal point will not change as a result of moving from Congress to the White House.
While Newport Beach has plenty to keep you entertained for an extended stay, it's also an ideal point from which to visit other parts of southern California, including the hidden gem of Temecula, 70 miles inland.
automobile industry, making the site an ideal point of access to an important target market.
The objective weight makes the weighted squares sum of the distance between each scheme and the ideal point as the basis of the comprehensive evaluation.
The daytime is the ideal point of the day to visit for a quiet drink or a spot of lunch.
As a gateway between the East and the West, the emirate's geographical location makes it the ideal point of transfer globetrotters.
He told, the Commissioner Nadeem Mehboob was making special efforts for the development of infrastructure of the this tourist point to attract more tourists towards the lake which was an ideal point for boating.
the probability that an individual endorses an item increases with the proximity between the item's position and the individual's ideal point on the latent dimension measured by the item).