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v. i·de·al·ized, i·de·al·iz·ing, i·de·al·iz·es
To regard or represent as ideal: students who idealize their professors; a book that idealizes rustic living.
To regard or represent something as ideal.

i·de′al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
i·de′al·iz′er n.
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* BlueGrass buys Idealizer to gain European foothold
Archimedes success used the idealizer to his scientific experiments.
extrudes or detotalizes them or the idealizer from the rest of the world--producing a split in the world, including an implicit, inconsistent void and compromised ontology" (p.
The main theme connecting these articles is that unscientific and subjective reasons have been used in support of a century-long, institutionalized, public understanding of Lazarevic as a defender and idealizer of patriarchy.
"[E]ach dystopian society contains within it seeds of a utopian dream." (8) Kristan Kumar writes in a similar vein that anti-utopia and dystopia are "one side of a dialogue of the self with individuals who have been indelibly stamped with the utopian temperament." (9) Roth, an inveterate idealizer of the meaning of America but also a dogged critic of such idealization, seems to fit this psychological type, Gottlieb's "push and pull" of opposites correlating loosely with the "anti-myth[s]" of counterlives so many of his characters construct.